Vein Sclerotherapy

With over 25 years experience in injecting leg veins with sclerosing solutions for cosmetic benefit, Dr. McDaniel feels that no other procedure including lasers or IPL devices offers the combination of safety, effectiveness, and cost-savings that is seen with this method.

After 18 years of using concentrated saline solutions as the sclerosing medication, he discovered the greater benefits and lessened pain that is realized from using polidocanol (Sclerovein). This solution is nearly painless, rarely causes significant irritation at injection sites, and results in more rapid disappearance of unwanted veins. By varying the concentration of polidocanol from 1 percent to 5 percent, increasingly larger veins even up to 5 mm diameter can be effectively obliterated without surgery.

In patients who have larger varicose veins, vein ligation or endovenous laser procedures should be performed by a vascular surgeon prior to treatment of spider veins to achieve optimal results.

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