Brentwood Dermatology Welcomes Dr. John Starling!


Brentwood Dermatology Welcomes Dr. John Starling!

Brentwood Dermatology is thrilled to have Dr. John Starling on our team! Dr. Starling is a Fellowship-Trained Mohs surgeon. He began seeing patients at our clinic in the spring.


Meet Dr. John Starling

Dr. John Starling was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and moved to Brentwood when he was in sixth grade. He spent the remainder of his youth in Brentwood and even met his wife Meredith, a Brentwood native, when they were in sixth grade. Growing up in Brentwood presented Dr. Starling with many formative opportunities that shaped his path to where he is now.

Although Dr. Starling and his wife traveled for professional training and employment, they sought an opportunity that could bring them back to Brentwood. This spring, Dr. Starling jumped at the chance to join the team at Brentwood Dermatology and bring his family back to their hometown.

Since he was young, Dr. Starling knew that he wanted to be a physician. When he was attending high school, he participated in a job shadowing program. For one week each year, students were able to shadow professionals in different careers. He spent one week with a veterinarian. Another year he learned the ins and outs of a career in anesthesiology.

The most transformational year was when he had an opportunity to learn from a football teammate’s father, who was a general surgeon. Each morning, he’d join his friend’s father at their home, then go to work and spend all day with him. The experience crystallized his decision to pursue medicine.

According to Dr. Starling, he didn’t have a lot of exposure to dermatology during medical school. However, he had a dermatologist in the family who wanted to share the discipline with him. Dr. Starling knew that he wanted to be a surgeon, and his wife’s uncle exposed him to general dermatology surgery. Through dermatology, Dr. Starling found he could do surgery and change lives every day.


Education & Training

Dr. Starling earned his bachelor’s degree in Greek and Roman Studies from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, after a wonderful high school teacher helped him earn a scholarship. The path may seem a little unconventional, but it afforded him plenty of time to take the additional science classes that he needed for medical school. Plus, learning medical terminology was much easier with a background in Latin and Greek.

When he speaks to young people who want to pursue medicine, Dr. Starling shares a piece of advice: study something you’re good at. Students need to be able to earn good grades to get accepted into medical school, so they should choose a major that interests them. For Dr. Starling, dermatology was a great way to combine a previous academic interest with a professional interest.

Dr. Starling attended medical school at the University of Tennessee – Memphis School of Medicine. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine and his Dermatology Residency at the University of Michigan Department of Dermatology.


The Mohs Fellowship Difference

Dr. Starling is a Fellowship-Trained Mohs surgeon and a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS). Any board-certified dermatologist can perform Mohs surgery, but members of the ACMS like Dr. Starling have undergone extensive training in Mohs surgery.

Prospective Fellows complete a rigorous and extremely competitive application process before being accepted to the program. Once admitted, they complete one to two years of post-residency fellowship training. During that time, they participate in at least 500 Mohs cases supervised by an ACMS approved Mohs surgeon.

After completion of the Fellowship training, physicians can apply to become a full Fellow in the College. Thereafter, Fellows are re-evaluated every few years to ensure that their work adheres to the ACMS’s high standards. Members of the ACMS perform Mohs surgery at the highest level for the best possible patient outcomes, both medically and cosmetically.


Medical Research

Dr. Starling has researched mandatory adverse reporting in Florida and Alabama. His research examined office adverse event reports that resulted in complications to patients or hospital transfers and death from procedures done in medical offices.

He and his collaborators found that very few of the adverse event reports were related to dermatology. They concluded that dermatological office surgery, including Mohs and reconstruction, is exceedingly safe. Plus, office procedures are more comfortable and more cost-effective for patients.


Life Outside of Medicine

Dr. Starling and his wife have a teenage son, and the three of them love to travel internationally. They’ve been across the globe to locations like Australia, Amsterdam, and Taipei, and they are looking forward to an upcoming trip to Tokyo.

Recently, Dr. Starling and his family purchased a few acres of property. They’re currently raising and training Australian shepherds and hope to grow their property into a small farm in the future.


Stop In & Say Hi!

If you have questions about Mohs surgery or just want to welcome Dr. John Starling back home, stop by our Brentwood office!


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