Dermal Filers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have an indispensable role is the cosmetic treatment of the face, both in the filling in of depressed acne and surgical scars and in reducing the depth and prominence of signs of intrinsic- and photoaging. Deep nasolabial grooves, glabellar frown lines, “bunny” lines across the nose, and “marionette” lines on the chin are difficult or impossible to treat effectively with facelifts, Fraxel, or other surgical procedures. While Botox can reduce frown lines temporarily, the lack of mobility of the forehead feels unnatural and the effect of the medication wears out in 3-4 months.


While numerous temporary fillers have been approved by the FDA for injection into the skin, none have the safety, effectiveness, and cost effectiveness of silicone. The micro-droplet technique for silicone injection into facial wrinkles and scars has been used with great success for 40 years in the United States. Pure medical grade silicone such as Silikon 1000 made by Alcon Surgical has an impeccable safety and satisfaction profile. Dr. McDaniel has performed hundreds of injections with this product since it became available 5 years ago. The safety of silicone has been established to such a degree that now it has once again become approved even for breast implants. No proof was ever given for any systemic diseases or other medical problems due to patients having had silicone in their breast or skin.


Dr. McDaniel uses silicone exclusively when fillers are needed in his patients. The fact that repeat injections are minimized by its permanence coupled with its lesser cost when compared with other highly-advertised temporary fillers have led him to choose it as his agent of choice.