Billing and Insurance

Navigating Your Financial Health: Insights on Billing and Insurance

Our office handles all billing processes internally, overseen by our dedicated business staff and office manager. We do not engage any third-party billing services. Billing statements are generated and mailed out on a monthly basis, ensuring timely processing.

For patients with insurance coverage, statements are transmitted electronically to their insurance carriers promptly after their visit. Payments and credits to the patient's account are applied as soon as we receive the explanation of benefits (EOB) from the insurance provider. While our team strives for accuracy, occasional errors may occur, and we appreciate your understanding and patience in such instances.

With the exception of cosmetic procedures, the majority of our patients' care is covered by third-party insurance plans. We can only file claims for patients enrolled in plans with which we have contracts. Patients not covered by these plans are expected to settle their charges at the time of their appointment. They will receive a statement for potential insurance reimbursement submission. Any required copays are due on the day of the visit.

Additionally, patients are encouraged to provide information regarding deductibles and secondary insurance coverage to ensure accurate records are maintained.

Financial and Insurance Procedures FAQs

We accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and checks. Payments can be made in person at our office, over the phone, or through our secure online portal.

We participate in a wide range of insurance plans. To verify if we are in-network with your insurance carrier, please contact our office or refer to our website for a list of accepted providers.

Typically, insurance claims are processed within a few weeks of submission. However, processing times may vary depending on the insurance company and the complexity of the claim.

If you have any concerns about your billing statement, please don't hesitate to reach out to our billing department. We will gladly review your account and address any discrepancies or questions you may have.